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Who we are
Terre del Principe was founded in Campania, between the sweet hills of Squille, a small village in the  municipality of Castel Campagnano, in the province of Caserta. The territory is fringed by the mountain ranges of Taburno and Matese, enriching the soil, all the more making this an area ideally suited to olive and vine-cultivation.  Soils are rich in “arenarie di Caiazzo” , a mix of sand, clay and volcanic ashes and stones. The Volturno river gives fertility and richness to the area.
The love of vine, the dream shared with Manuela, the memory of the grandfather who carried him, as a child, around his estate on his cart, the memory of the peasants who spoke about Pallagrello and Casavecchia. These are the reasons that made Peppe Mancini abandon his profession as a lawyer in order to become a vine grower. The same love and passion pushed Manuela Piancastelli, journalist and writer, to leave Il Mattino newspaper in order to write an important page of the viticulture of the region of Campania. 

Pallagrello and Casavecchia owe everything to Peppe Mancini. If these grapes are currently being cultivated again, it is down to the tenacity and conviction of Peppe, who believed in the potential of these native grape varieties and of this territory, so very appreciated by the House of Bourbon. Pushed by a grand passion, Peppe and Manuela, in 2003 have brought their dreams to life: Terre del Principe.
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The cellar and the cave
Terre del Principe wine cellar, In the heart of Castel Campagnano, is a precious jewel case where Peppe’s and Manuela’s life is managed according to the periods of the wines that “breath or rest” in the wine cellar. The cave is like a cathedral 10 meters deep in the heart of the earth, it dates back to the 11th century, when the town was founded. At the first floor there is the cellar, with tanks and vilification machines. As a child who is growing up, the wines are followed step by step, with love, from the hand harvest grape through the grape crushing until the bottling. 
Beyond the wine
Wine for us is culture, ending point of an internal and intellectual track. Because we love music, art and literature very much, we often open the wine cellar to some cultural events: we hosted the art exhibitions, concerts, jazz meeting, book presentations and the opening up of “Condotta slow Food of Medio Volturno”. We have always been next to who encourage the culture and create events.
Besides, every year our “ special size” of Vigna Piancastelli of 12 litres Terre del Principe Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Ais best Campania sommelier.
Each year the bottle of Vigna Piancastelli is “dressed” by a different painter: Gabriele Marino, Giovanna Picciau, Svjetlan Junakovic, Sergio Fermariello, Mojmir Jezek, Mathelda Baltresi, Ginny Sykes, Gennaro Vallifuoco. 
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