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The largest of our plots, about 7 acres, is in the village of Monticelli Squille (Castle Camps) and includes two vineyards, vineyard Vineyard Monticelli and Agnes Woods; they are completely surrounded by forest (within which there is an old lime kiln , i.e., a large ditch for the production of lime from stones). Vineyard Monticelli was planted in 1987, and comprises about 3 and a half acres, on which grows Pallagrello white, Black and Pallagrello Casavecchia vines. The farming system used is the "semipergola Caserta": This is an old pergola system which allows just two branches to produce fruit, thus allowing the passage of air and light. The sixth of the vineyards planted is 2.50 x 2.50, i.e., 1,600 plants per hectare. The exposure of the vineyard is prevalent to the north-east, with one of the rows east-west. The yield per hectare is around 40-45 quintals. Agnes Woods is instead a young vineyard of about two hectares planted in 2008 with Pallagrello white grapes. Here the farming system is "back Guyot" with a sixth plant 2 x 1, or 5000 plants per hectare. The orientation of the vineyard is east-west. The yield per hectare is around 60 tons.

As in all our vineyards, grass grows readily, but is quickly cut. In alternate rows, each year we fertilize using spring field beans which is sovesciato. We've never used herbicides and pesticides.