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La Vigna Aunt Rosa is the so-called "Campo mother" because it is from this small vineyard that the modern adventure of Pallagrello and Casavecchia was born, having been taken there from the first roots for reproduction. Located in Prea Castel di Sasso is a Vignarella , started with a little more than a bushel planted with original plants of approximately 150 years; they still produce. The sixth plant is 2.50 x 2.50 and all live vines - some of which are authentic carvings - are prefillosseriche and ungrafted. The farming system is a "high back", reaching about about 4 meters. The branches are very long, are crossed on the strings. The yield is about 20 quintals per hectare.

As in all our vineyards, grass grows readily and is quickly cut. In alternate rows, each year we fertilize in spring using field beans which is sovesciato. I

We've never used herbicides and pesticides.