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Vigna del Sasso is a small vineyard located at Bosco Martini in Castel di Sasso. The vineyard, planted in 2008 with Casavecchia; it is completely surrounded by woods and enjoys a microclimate that keeps away a great majority of diseases of the vines. The grapes are harvested and dried and are intended for production of a wine that accompanies "Rock of Richard", a "wine cheese" that dates from the Roman Empire, and is the ancient sheep cheese typical of the area and kept alive by Le Campestre. The production is limited and the wine is sold in wooden boxes containing an orcetto clay pot made with Conciato. The exposure of the vineyard is east-west, and the sixth plant is 2.50 x 1.50; the farming system used is the traditional "high back". The yield per hectare is 40 quintals. In 2014 we acquired three acres of land very near to the Vineyard of Stone, and in 2015, we planted another vineyard of Casavecchia.

As in all our vineyards, grass grows readily and is quickly cut. In alternate rows, each year we fertilize in spring using field beans which is sovesciato. We've never used herbicides and pesticides.