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Terre del Principe applies reasoned agriculture using biological treatment as needed based on condition of the vineyard determined through daily observation. In order to maintain the integrity of the complex microbiology of the soil, we never use herbicides or pesticides. The treatments in the vineyard are studied and treatment weighed and balanced by our agronomist Vincenzo Coppola who intervenes only when the natural biological balance has been broken for particular microclimatic conditions. In order to preserve the fragile balance of the vineyard only biological treatment is used. For example, to understand when a vineyard is being attacked by a disease, we use the technique of "sexual confusion" which means that female pheromones are used to attract the male insect pests, thus giving us the certainty of control of the risk that grapes runs at that particular time. This is just one example of an ecological methods practiced in Terre del Principe.

The organic certification of Terre del Principe is entrusted to the inspection and certification of "Soil and Health" by the Office of Control and Certification, connected with Ministero delle Politiche Agricole.