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We also bottle, with passion, our extra virgin olive oil. The olives, the majority of the traditional local cultivar "Caiazzana" (70%) with a small percentage of Leccine and Frantoiane, come from the olive groves of Castel di Sasso (200 plants) and Castel Campagnano (70 plants). The agricolture is biological certified. The olives are harvested by hand in the early days of October and cold pressed within 12 hours in a mill in a continuous cycle. The oil is stored in an air-conditioned room. Each bottle is numbered and has an informative collar label with the results of chemical and sensory analysis. The bottle is then packaged in a cardboard box. We did not produce oil in 2016. The high quality of our extra virgin olive oil is confirmed by a laboratory analysis Bio Progress of Piedimonte Matese which published the following results in 2015:

Acidity 0.3 (guidance value <0.80% extra virgin olive oil)

No peroxides. 1.6 (guidance value <10 oil in an excellent state of preservation)