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The grapes


The ancient indigenous varieties rediscovery Pallagrello bianco (white Pallagrello), Pallagrello nero (black Pallagrello) and Casavecchia, thanks to Peppe Manicini at the beginning of the 90’ engendered scientific and historical research further than a deep interest. These varieties, in fact, were not listed in the National catalogue of the grapes, a sort of compulsory register office of grapes. The Campania Region and Naples University took five years of research to write them again in the National catalogue with the inclusion of typical geographical Indification of Terre del Volturno. Nowaday, the Pallagrello variety is recommended in 22 municilapities of Caserta district whereas the Casavecchia is in a littler area, only in nine.

Our grapes grown in four vineyards: Vigna dei Mascioni (Mascioni vineyard)-one hectar-; Vigna Monticelli (Monticelli vineyard)- 7 hectars-; and Vigna del Sasso (Sasso Vineyard) -1 hectar of new plant. Moreover, from the centenary Casavecchia “aunt Rosa” (Peppe’s aunt) vineyard, every year arrive almost 20 hundred kilograms of great grapes that take part to Centomoggia production. According and in the respect of the area different are the breeding systems: the “guyot” and “cordone speronato” for the new plants and “semipergola” and “spalliera alta casertana” for the older ones.