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The name Castello delle Femmine (Women's castle) is a tribute to a place near the Castle of Caiazzo where once an aristocratic mansion stood - traces of which still remain. It hosted young women destined to become courtesans for local feudal lords after an adequate training in "ars amandi" - "the art of love".

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The name Ambruco is a linguistic contamination of "vitis labrusca" - wild vine. There is a place near Castel Campagnano of the same name, where centuries-old wild vines used to grow. Local peasants considered them almost holy because of their age.

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In this area, landed property used to be extremely divided. So a property measuring 100 moggia, i.e. some 30 ha, was such a rarity that this place, located between Caiazzo and Castel Campagnano, was named "Centomoggia" - "Hundred Moggia".

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This wine take its name from the vineyard of Manuela Piancastelli in Beneficio di Castel Campagnano, facing Mount Taburno. It began as a challenge to create a great "wine fo meditation" from the grapes of Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia. Every vintage the label is painted for us by an artist: in 2003 and 2004 by Gabriele Marino, in 2005 by Giovanna Picciau, in 2007 by Svjetlan Junakovic, in 2008 by Sergio Fermariello.