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Since 2003, our labels have changed several times, but always with a design in mind staying within the original stylistic continuity. The first logo, the first labels of the two white wines, and the first brochures were created in 2003 by Alfredo graphic Neapolitan Prophet, who didn’t do any more work for us after 2009. Embracing the Intellect, culture and class in thinking about the history of the "Bourbons" , Pallagrello, designed the logo (fantasy) blue lilies of the Bourbons. The labels were made ​​in two parts, one containing the logo, the other, the name of the wine. The associated brochures were large, A4, very nice and stylish but judged not "transportable".

The following year there was a redesign by another graphic artist of Naples, Carlo Tafuri, and the labels were united into two parts, moving from a light background to yellow for white wines and black for red wines.

A new version of the labels was created in 2006 by the Neapolitan Fiorenzo D'Avino that drew on brown and marked it with the center square of various colors: green for the Fontanavigna, yellow gold for the Le Serole, rose for the Castello delle Femmine, beige for the Ambruco, and blue for the heavenly Centomoggia). D'Avino also designed the brochure with the idea to make it more "intimate" than the first version. So he invented a kind of "family album", with various images of our family used to simulate an album inserted into a small memory bank. This brochure size cm.14 x 14, is still used today.

Finally, for the tenth anniversary, in 2013 a small facelift was carried out by Bets Design in Rome that the stylized logo and modernized the graphics of labels, making them even more meaningful and essential.