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For the red wine Piancastelli (formerly Vineyard Piancastelli), in 2003, we decided to create a label with different graphics to highlight a wine that, for philosophy and style, represented a unique example in our range of fine wines. The idea for the label came from an artist friend, a painter, who had given to us for an “Open Cellars” Event, a watercolor on which which he wrote a dedication: To Manuela; make use of this as you like!

That artist was Gabriele Marino and the design, a glass of red wine with a crown cross, represented the label of the first two vintages of Vigna Piancastelli 2003 and 2004. The following year, however, we used the detail of a painting of a 'Roman artist, Joan Picciau: a little prince on a horse White (2005). In 2006, the wine was not produced, thus the next label design was in 2007 when we fell in love with the opera, "Splendor in the sun", by the Croatian designer Svjetlan Junakovic. The label was a woman, Vihorka and her three children: the bell-ringer, the baker and cooper. The labels of the years 2008 and 2009, however, were designed by the Neapolitan artist Sergio Fermariello and were a sort of frieze with grapes, actually a particular magnification of his famous "Warriors". The difference between the two years was the background: in 2008 was black and white in 2009. This label was nominated for an Oscar as Best Bibenda Wine Label of the Year. 2010 was the year instead of a child who had won a competition at a school of design at Pordenone: the young Thomas Volpatti had redesigned a biblical scene with a goat, a bird and a wild boar that fed on grapes. The label Piancastelli 2011 bears the signature of the painter Mathelda Balatresi: it has a pale pink background with birds pierced by a ray of sunshine. 2012 was painted by another student, Lara Tesan, a very coloured bird that is pecking a berry. Lastly Mojmir Jezek,the famous "hearts designer" painted for us a grape heart shaped. It is the 2013 Piancastelli label.