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All of our wines are designated as 'Igt’ or IGP, as for Terre del Volturno(DM 30.11.2011).

The area where Pallagrello can be grown extends through solely 21 small towns in the province of Caserta, with the center of production located at Castel Campagnano. Across the north, in fact (from Fontegreca to Gioia Sannitica) the production of the grape, Pallagrello, is largely limited to low consumption as well as in the historical places of Pallagrello (Piedimonte and Alife) which means that now the vines are very few. Of the approximately 69 hectares of vines of Pallagrello Casavecchia located in the whole area (source Campania Region, Sector IPA, 2011), less than 33 hectares are located at Castle Campagnano.

The young Doc Casavecchia Pontelatone (DM 30.11.2011) instead includes only 8 municipalities in the province of Caserta and the center of production is in the areas of Pontelatone and Castel di Sasso.

On the map it is possible to identify the geographic areas of production within the vast area of the province of Caserta.