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Our wines, almost 20thousand bottles each year, were born from the precise and unambiguous philosophy to work only the grapes produced in our eight hectars and from our indigenous varieties Pallagrello bianco, (white Pallagrello), Pallagrello nero (black Pallagrello) and Casavecchia. According to this choice we have five labels: one white wines, a rosè wine and three reds. The white one(Le Sérole) is exclusively white Pallagrello.Its possible to add to the “pure” red wines, Ambruco (black Pallagrello) and Centomoggia (Casavecchia), a black Pallagrello and Casavecchia blend (Piancastelli), according to the place tradition that has often seen these two grapes mixed, we can say “married” between them. Finally, from the black Pallagrello marcs a little grappa production has been realised by the Ancient Amato distillery.