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Welcome to our virtual home-cellar, waiting to host you at Castel Campagnano. As Nietsche wrote: “The seed of the thought is the challenge. Or love.” In our case, love for the land, for wine, for the need to do not just well, but to excel. A sense of pride, and the challenge of having rediscovered and brought back to life Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia.






Terre del Principe is challenge of love even in name. It is the need to give to others the emotions that we live every day, the absolute desire to make the best wine in the world, with our hands, with our intelligence, with our will and with our hearts. We are waiting for you.

Peppe Mancini e Manuela Piancastelli



Venite a festeggiare con le vostre famiglie Pasqua e Pasquetta a Terre del Principe, immersi nel verde della bellissima campagna casertana, tra le vigne di Pallagrello e Casavecchia. Per Pasqua il nostro chef Maurizio Piancastelli preparerà: Capicollo e pancetta di maiale nero con fave fresche, ricotta salata,...

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